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PRV Audio 8MR400-NDY Speakers

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The 8MR400-NDY offers slim design for narrow and shallow profile installation without sacrificing performance. This professional Mid Range Neodymium magnet loudspeaker delivers smooth clear vocals that will impress any listener and the efficiency makes it easy to power; all thanks to a specially designed light weight cone which delivers very smooth Mid range and Mid Bass response through the upper Mid range area of an amazing 8.5 kHz.

With only 2.95” of depth, car audio enthusiasts gravitate towards this driver for use in their systems when looking for a lightweight and shallow Mid Range that can sustain long hours of extreme operation on a sealed enclosure and is a perfect option for Mid range driver replacements in three way cabinets. It also has become a popular choice for home audio Hi-Fi speakers.

The Neodymium magnet assembly attached to a sturdy reinforced steel frame completes the 8MR400-NDY to ensure a solid support structure, for long lasting play in most any environment and its light weight of only 1.6lbs helps keep your enclosures and car audio installs light.


Technical Details


Nominal Diameter 8″ (203 mm)
Nominal impedance 8 Ohms
Rated AES Power Handling (RMS) 200 Watts
Program Power 400 Watts
Sensitivity 2.83V at 1m 94 dB
Recommended Hi Pass Crossover**
**For Full Power Handling
190 Hz**
**12db Per Octave Crossover
Frequency Response at -10dB 115 – 8,500 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter 1.5″ (38 mm)
Voice Coil Wire Aluminum
Voice Coil Winding Depth 12.0 mm
Former Material Kapton
Magnetic Gap Depth 5.0 mm
Frame Material Stamped Steel



Equivalent Volume Vas 6.40 l
Excursion (mathematical)*** Xmax 4.75 mm
Free Air Resonance Fs 111.3 Hz
Mechanical Factor Qms 7.75
Electrical Factor Qes 1.17
Total Factor Qts 1.01
Cone Area Sd 241 cm²
Mechanical Mass Mms 20.39 g
Bl Factor Bl 8.32 Tm
Dc Resistance Re 5.7 Ohms
Inductance Le 0.37 mH at 1 kHz
Mechanical Mass Without Air Mmd 18.6 g
Mechanical Compliance Cms 0.100 mm/N

***Xmax=(Voice coil winding depth-Magnetic Gap depth)/2+ Mgnetic Gap Depth/4


Overall Diameter 8.12″ (206 mm)
Front Mount Baffle Cutout 7.09″ (180 mm)
Mounting Depth 3.07″ (78 mm)
Overall Depth 3.31″ (84 mm)
Net Weight 1.31 Lbs (0.59 kg)
Shipping Weight 1.78 Lbs (0.8 kg)
Carton Dimensions W x L x H 9.0″ x 9.0″ x 5.0″
(228 x 228 x 127 mm)