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PRV Audio 69FR250-4 Speakers

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The PRV Audio FR Series sets a new standard of value in high-performance Full Range drivers. The 69FR250-4 full-range driver is an excellent choice when space is at an absolute minimum, eliminating the need for a tweeter.

This loudspeaker has a dual cone design, the primary cone handles low to midrange frequencies while the smaller secondary cone increases high-frequency response from 75 Hz to 18,000 Hz.
The combination of a low-distortion motor system with a copper ring and a unique woven-cloth dust cap provides exceptional clarity, detail, and dynamics at an impressive 94 dB of sensitivity.

Technical Details


Nominal Diameter 6″ x  9″ (159 x 228 mm)
Nominal impedance 4 Ohms
Rated AES Power Handling (RMS) 125 Watts
Program Power 250 Watts
Sensitivity 2.83V at 1m 94 dB
Recommended Hi Pass Crossover** **For Full Power Handling 80 Hz** **12db Per Octave Crossover
Frequency Response at -10dB 75 – 18,000 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter 1.5″ (38 mm)
Voice Coil Wire CCAW
Voice Coil Winding Depth 10.0 mm
Former Material Kapton
Magnetic Gap Depth 6.0 mm
Frame Material Aluminum


Equivalent Volume Vas 13.9 l
Excursion (mathematical)*** Xmax 3.50 mm
Free Air Resonance Fs 82.12  Hz
Mechanical Factor Qms 15.28
Electrical Factor Qes 0.74
Total Factor Qts 0.70
Cone Area Sd 200 cm²
Mechanical Mass Mms 15.1 g
Bl Factor Bl 6.1 Tm
Dc Resistance Re 3.5 Ohms
Inductance Le 0.160 mH at 1 kHz
Mechanical Mass Without Air Mmd 13.48 g
Mechanical Compliance Cms 0.18 mm/N

***Xmax=(Voice coil winding depth-Magnetic Gap depth)/2+ Mgnetic Gap Depth/4


Overall Diameter 6.43″ x 9.31″ (163.5 x 236.5 mm)
Front Mount Baffle Cutout 5.87″ x 8.66″ (149 x 220 mm)
Mounting Depth 3.58″ (91 mm)
Overall Depth 3.85″ (98 mm)
Net Weight 5.29 Lbs (2.4 kg) unit
Shipping Weight 6.28 Lbs (2.85 kg)
Carton Dimensions W x L x H 8.50″ x 8.50″ x 3.35″ (175 x 175 x 85 mm)