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Stealth 350 Battery

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12V AGM Battery, 35 AH, Up To 900 Watt Amplifiers

Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity(20HR) 35.0AH
Length 195+2mm (7.68 inches)
Width 130+2mm (5.12 inches)
Container Height 164+2mm (6.46 inches)
Total Height (with Terminal) 167+2mm (6.57 inches)
Approx Weight Approx 11.2 kg (24.7lbs)
Terminal T6
Container Material ABS
Rated Capacity
35.0 AH/1.75A (20hr ,1.80V/cell,25 C/77 F)
32.6 AH/3.26A (10hr ,1.80V/cell,25 C/77 F)
29.7 AH/5.95A (5hr ,1.75V/cell,25 C/77 F)
26.8 AH/8.93A (3hr ,1.75V/cell,25 C/77 F)
22.0 AH/22.0A (1hr ,1.60V/cell,25 C/77 F)
Max. Discharge Current 525A (5s)
Internal Resistance Approx 11mΩ
Operating Temp.Range
Discharge -15~50 C (5~122 F)
Charge 0~40 C (32~104 F)
Storage -15~40 C (5~104 F)
Nominal Operating Temp. Range 25+3 C (77+5 F )
Cycle Use

Initial Charging Current less than 10.5A.
Voltage 0 0 0 14.4V~15.0V at 25 C(77 F)Temp. Coefficient -30mV/ C

Standby Use

No limit on Initial Charging Current Voltage
13.5V~13.8V at 25 C(77 F)Temp. Coefficient -20mV/ C

Capacity affected by Temperature
40 C (104 F) 103%
25 C (77 F) 100%
0 C (32 F) 86%
Self Discharge

Batteries may be stored for up to 6 months
at 25 C(77 F) and then a freshening charge is required.
For higher temperatures the time interval will be shorter.

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Short Description 12V AGM Battery, 35 AH, Up To 900 Watt Amplifiers